The Admiration Of Beauty

Loki and I were travelling around Scotland in an Iveco daily campervan named ‘Pixy’ belonging to Vlad who has been working on converting her into a fully functional full time living space, the #VanLife he is embarking on.


At the moment she is a work in progress, I joke (insensitively) that it is more a camper shed than a campervan but what better way to understand the best working set up for the space than on the road enjoying beautiful scenery and utilising every bit of the camper including the cooking area, bed, toilet area and sofa/eating area. Travelling while building it has also sparked his ideas to create electricity as well as hot water for showering and washing up from the engine which both work a treat using a clever design.

There is something about the idea of travelling around in a camper that I am beginning to get attached to, being even more mobile than in Ruby, finding a park up somewhere beautiful whenever the urge takes you. Being able to drive through towns with ease and not having to plan too much ahead has its perks, and it reminds me of Sade’s words of wisdom ‘girl you are rich, even with nothing’.

The space is just about manageable for 2 people and a rather large dog, the fuel efficiency is also a lot more economical than towing a 7.5 tonne vehicle around with Ruby being a third as economical as Pixie. With that in mind, Ruby was never designed to be a camper but more of a house on wheels, though she is set up to be used in that way if needed.


We took our time travelling through Glencoe, Fort William, completed a Ben Nevis climb ( and plodded on towards the Isle of Skye and finally the tip of Scotland- Durness. Scotland is spectacular, with ever changing scenery that just gets more and more wild and beautiful the further north you go.


Taking your time to enjoy the energy of each place really helps to slow down the pace of life, it builds connection to the natural beauty around you and it is something that you could truly do on your own and not feel lonely in doing it, though it can also be nice to share it with someone.

Having travelled almost 3000 miles in the space of 10 days, I now write to you from Ruby with a cup of tea in my hand, the fire roaring and toasty and I reflect on the last few days, the present moment and cast my imagination to the future of what might be.


It’s quite easy to get lost in ideas, in other peoples thoughts and perceptions as well as your own and start to lose the all important grounding of yourself, not through ill intention of anyone but simply the merging of energies which can very easily happen when travelling. The chaos of travelling has it’s perks, lots of exciting moments and challenges as well as the admiration of beauty, but it is also nice to take some time in silence to be still once you come back, think about what you want to treasure from the travels, what has changed and what inspiration have you gained.

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