Breathe In The Sunset

Hello everyone! I have finally found some time to write to you all this week, things are progressing slowly and I’m looking forward to sharing this with you.

Over the last few weeks I have spent some time getting to know Ruby and the best ways of living in her on the land. Things do take a little more time in the day to day aspects as some of the usual conveniences (and some may argue wasteful) no longer exist. The use of a toilet that is plumbed into the mains sewage system has disappeared and replaced by a composting system, at the moment this consists of emptying things out into a hole in the ground which gets covered over with kitchen scraps and soil and for the most part this works.

I no longer have a washing machine to wash clothes in and although I took a trip down to the laundrette initially, I tried my hand at washing things by hand and drying them on the line outside, which is perfect for when the sun is shining, not so perfect when the heavens open and chucks it down so a balance between the two depending is important.

This also highlighted the importance of adapting different methods of cooking and heating weather depending. When it is sunny and the solar panels are producing a substantial amount of power, it makes more sense to use a plug in hot plate to cook or BBQ outside rather than use gas, and the same goes for making hot drinks, an electric kettle works fine when there is enough power, the key to all of this is adapting what you do depending on what nature throws at you and I love the idea of being in sync with our environment and adapting when needed.

This week there was a feature article written in the Tiny Living UK magazine which I was very pleased to see included a piece on Ruby-Rose:



The issue can be read here:

Ruby has also been asked to attend the Nedwood Festival in Leicestershire which is relatively new but will be a good opportunity to talk with people about what it’s like living off grid in a smaller space, and gives the ability to promote the project. We will be set up on the off-grid village site at the festival, tickets can be purchased on their website ( For anyone interested in seeing Ruby up close, keep an eye out on the website for more details.

In order to give more financial flexibility to run the EarthKeepers Project itself and give people an opportunity to have a taste of small space mobile living, I have also decided to (carefully) offer her up to be rented as a luxury camper for families, I am still in the process of getting this up and running but keep an eye out for Ruby-Rose on the Quirky Campers website (

Now then, it is mental health awareness week this week and what better way to bring awareness than by showing you some of the beautiful scenery Earthkeepers is surrounded by which me and Loki have had the pleasure of exploring.

We are lucky enough to live very close to Knettishall Heath nature reserve where there are more than 12,500 species living in the Brecks, 30% are nationally rare and a diverse mosaic of habitats with woodland and riverside meadows, as well as large areas of heath, it extends to over 430 acres.

We have also been exploring our back garden (so to speak) behind the project and had the pleasure of being in the presence of a beautiful sunset that evening.


It is important to practice positive mental health, just like being advised to exercise your body and look after it, it is just as important, if not more, to exercise your mind and take time out daily to breathe in that sunset and breathe out the cobwebs that can gather occasionally. You can choose how you do this, whether it means playing an instrument or going for a walk, just make sure it allows you to be present and connected rather than engaging in something that creates a temporary void or distraction as the void will only stay empty for so long, something which I need reminding of on a daily basis to.

A small update on the project set up itself, further thought has been given to the layout of the EarthKeepers site and I am at the point of taking the next steps for setting up and putting in funding applications, two major funders have been identified as strong candidates to see the project to it’s fruition so I will leave you with a peace out from me and Loki, until next time EarthKeepers…..


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