Being a Turtle

Good morning EarthKeepers, I thought I’d take the opportunity to post while I had the chance and continue the story of Ruby-Rose’s journey home.

We set off having had the wing mirror replaced and water tank filled from a campsite that had permanent residents on site as well as holiday campers. It was interesting to be approached by the land owner prior to leaving to see whether I would be interested in a more permanent pitch in my home once he had sold his land, he explained he was moving his plans to a new site not far and that he had trouble with some of the current residents and was looking for people with more of a community interest attitude, I politely took his details down as life always tells me you never know where you may end up!

Following on from this we then hit the road, the first few miles took me a while to build my confidence back up again and I decided to drive to a petrol station that had LPG to fill up my gas tank, however realised when I got there I didn’t have the right attachment for the bottle, luckily I had a spare gas tank which Matt kindly gave to me and am still running on this to this day (this lasts approximately 6 weeks).

We stopped off for the night in a local pub car park in Glastonbury which was a fairly quiet night and we managed to get a good amount of sleep, there were a few other campers parked in the car park and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of comradery being around others that were also living on the road. The following day was the final stretch home, we were spotted along the M5 by a fellow off grid face book group member who recognised Ruby-Rose, I guess her reputation proceeds her! There was a mention about the suspension on the left side of the truck which holds the 200 litre water tank looking slightly lower and this needs looking at a later stage.

By the time we arrived on site it was coming close to 11pm, pulling up to the site in the dark was a surreal experience, but it was nice to be greeted by my neighbour Phil and his partner who heard the truck engine, big warm hugs all round and she felt like she was finally home.

20190423_221701Loki settled in quite quickly on site and took herself off regularly to meet the lovely sculpture artists, she also claimed the sofa area as hers (not for long).

20190423_201903.jpgThe next steps were about setting up the truck so she functioned easily on site, setting up the water supply was a task in itself and required extending it 150 metres from one side of the site to the other, thankfully I had help with this from my copilot Vlad who has an interest in engineering and off-grid living.

Some people may see these things as inconveniences, but it brings it back to why I wanted to live like a turtle (with my house on my back) in the first place. Not only being able to move whenever I felt like it, and I do tend to get itchy feet when I stay in one place for too long, but there is something quite liberating about dealing with your own excrement and being completely reliant on the suns energy for power, wood for heat and dealing with your own rubbish and water.

20190419_170026Moving in with all of my things has now made me think about downsizing even further, it has made me question why I have so many different coats, scarves, shoes and ornaments, why have so many options of the same item? What is the purpose of this? A lot of my ‘extra’s’ have been stashed under my truck or my neighbours container temporarily, but the very thought of having these things for some reason makes me feel suffocated so first priority is to donate them.

Nothing quite prepared me for the feeling I got when I realised I was the only one on the entire 7 acre site one night. My friends had left me and all of the attention and curiosities about the truck had subsided, Loki had gone on holiday (in preparation for a last minute trip to Romania), and I was all alone. I listened to the breeze blowing through the brambles and listened to the night creatures rustling in the bushes, I looked up at the sky in the darkness and saw the billions and billions of stars twinkling at me and I realised this is what it’s all about, peace, not just the sound of peace, but the being at peace with nature itself and reconnecting with my ancestors that lived this way many years ago, although I can’t quite claim to be a cave woman as I do have many luxuries being in this truck, but I do feel humbled to be able to jump out every morning and admire the beauty that surrounds me. The part of the site I am on has not been used in a long time and it is some might say ‘overgrown’.

At first my initial thought was that it needed to be cleared to make space for the animal enclosures, vegetable beds and polytunnels, however after a few days it was easy to see the benefit of the site ‘re-wilding’ as there is now so much wildlife there. Working with the land and what is there in a more natural way follows the principles of permaculture, something which the project will be encompassing at it’s heart, so although some space will need to be cleared and cut back, the project will aim to fit in and become neighbours with the creatures that already reside there.



At the request of people interested in the interior of the truck, here is a video, enjoy!

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