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WhatsApp Image 2019-04-05 at 14.20.19So the big weigh in happened this week and her total weight is at 7.2 tonne with MOST but not all items in, this means that I will need to travel light when I’m on the road which means taking out a few things that I don’t need, this makes sense anyway as the lighter I am the less fuel I will consume and her fuel consumption is an expensive one. Nonetheless we have made it within our limits (just) and can now give a huge sigh of relief!

The last jobs are now to finish the steps into the truck, to install the flue for the wood burner, and to finally place the solar panels on the roof and connect it to the electrical system (and teach Andreea how it all works and how to fix should there be a problem….).

I am delighted to show you some of the final pictures of the build, I’m really proud to call her mine and am so lucky to have found such a creative and talented builder that from start to finish really captured exactly what I was looking for, within (ish) the budget.

Here she is…

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-06 at 18.59.38

Matt has made up a bespoke frame for my favourite work of graffiti art that I have carted around with me wherever I have gone, this piece is a print of the original called ‘Bride 2’ by an artist called David Walker ( who I met on a random day in London when he was not very well known, working on a piece just outside on the pavement, I think she fits in well with the truck!

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-06 at 19.03.39

Matt has cleverly made up some doors for my crates that I ‘borrowed’ from a co-op car park a few years ago, they make really nice re-purposed cupboards 😀

An industrial looking slide door has been added to the shower room with a latch to keep it secure when on the move.

The compost toilet has been installed, the shower tray is also in and final touches have also been added in the bathroom and she looks like a work of art!

5 days left until the build is complete and now I’m contemplating silly things such as: How do I fill up a 7.5 tonne fuel tank? How do I fill up the LPG tank at the petrol station? How is the water tank filled and how do I secure a hose pipe to it to permanently feed in water automagically? all rookie questions and I will be getting a crash course over the next couple of weeks.

For anyone wondering about Ruby and her security, she has all the security she needs (and then some) installed which will not be revealed but includes the nightmare of getting her off the site in one piece, and without being noticed by the many people there all of the time.

There have been many signs of Springs arrival everywhere you look, with the daylight increasing, the insects buzzing away, the birds singing loudly and general wildlife has cranked it up a notch in terms of movement, I had three beautiful deer jumping out in front of my car and then walking slowly as if they didn’t have a care in the world, it was lovely to watch and happy I didn’t accidentally hit them in my rush to work, a gentle reminder from nature to slow down, take a moment and be present.

Loki’s poo rolling has also increased now that it’s no longer frozen, what a lovely smelly sign of Spring.

At the request of a good friend who would like to see more of Loki, here she is in all of her stinky furry glory:


So from me and Loki (and Ruby-Rose) we hope you have all had a great week surrounded by the inspiration of the sun smiling for that little bit longer 🙂

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