The Courage To Be Brave

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The final few days of the build are left and Ruby-Rose is almost near completion. Various finishing touches are now being put in and she is beginning to look very homey.

The next part is to purchase a generator to ensure the batteries are topped up at all times as well as sourcing some EcoGrid squares to go under the vehicle to stop her from sinking in wet weather.

Next week should be the pick up date and I am planning the logistics of making an 8 hour train ride from Suffolk to London and then Penzance with a big hairy dog in tow followed by the journey back to Suffolk with a stop off in Surrey in between, luckily the batteries will have been charged by the engine on the journey in.

I have decided this week to come home from a long days work and do a bit of a video blog for you all instead of writing too much, please watch and excuse the tired look but this is me!

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