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Hello EarthKeepers, lets start off with an update on how Ruby-Rose is doing. Matt and Tony are back on the truck this week and there are a total of 8 days left of the build with the likelihood of me picking up the truck on the 11th of April unless she is finished earlier in which case it may be next week!

The paint job has now been finished and I am very pleased with the shade and look of her in her new outfit, well done to Doug for working so hard on her.


The toilet and shower room is coming along nicely with the composting loo beginning to take shape as well as the sink and shower tray, the copper piping and shower head is waiting to be installed and am in the process of looking at a copper bathroom light.

The kitchen cupboard doors are being installed and some of the rough edge cladding has been installed on the ceiling, not all of the ceiling will be covered to save on weight so will either be wall papering or adding some fabric to droop down and make it more homey at a later stage. The solar charge controller has also been installed as well as the boxes to cover up the tops of the batteries using marine ply wood.



The less glamorous things have also been installed such as fresh water tank and inverter in the cupboard accessed from the outside.

Finally, Matt has worked hard at making this creation which is the living area lighting, he used a branch that had broken off a tree during stormy weather and whittled it to create this nice piece. It is currently in the hallway due to the projector that I will install at a later date in the main living space however may need to give this some more thought should lighting be an issue.

So far so good on the build front and I can now say that I have officially passed my HGV test after 2 days training, I can now drive up to 7.5 tonnes of vehicle, it was an interesting 2 days as had made some pretty major mistakes leading up to the test and some how managed to pass with no errors at all so I believe someone was looking out for me.


This week has also led me back to the site of EarthKeepers, spending some time with some of the beautiful artists and regular visitors there and soaking in some of the brilliant pieces of art work and getting to know their stories…

as well as their communal indoor space which was made many years ago and has stood the test of time, this space is called a ‘bender’ tent made out of Ash tree trunks that are young enough to bend easily and creating a very sturdy frame to secure the tarps on to, it also has a cooking area and wood burning stove. The hope is to replicate this structure with some help for the indoor classroom area for the project, it is a great way of keeping to the ‘leave no trace’ ethos of the site and looks very natural.


It has been a week full of lots of reflection and fast progress all of which I’m glad to share with those that are interested in finding out more.

This week I have also had a positive meeting with one of the service managers at a particular local authority very key to the project and we have touched on referrals being generated as well as potential funding through the council, a further meeting will be held once the project has been established and all relevant policies in place.

There is also a young person I am currently supporting who is very keen to volunteer and help develop the project as well as offer the next step in his own development which is to mentor others so it looks like we have the very first young person to attend the project lined up!

I have felt overwhelmed with the amount of beautiful souls I have met on site this week and feel very humbled to be welcomed in. My hope is that we can all grow together as a community that looks after one another offering the opportunity to young people to take this journey with us, for we can always learn from each other, no matter what the age, I don’t want each young person to feel like their being ‘done to’ but offering an opportunity to collaborate with one another in each others journey through life, however much time they spend at the project.

It all sounds very Buddha and Zen like (you may be rolling your eyes) but I truly believe that this wonderful place will help young people and adults alike and not because of one individual but because of the collective.

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