Put Yourself In The Way of Beauty

Good afternoon beautiful souls, it has been a roller coaster week with all of the ups and downs of this weather we have been having mirroring the ups and downs of life.

Today alone has seen the weather go from heavy hailstone, to rain, to bright sunshine with these changes on rotation seemingly every hour.

It can be difficult to navigate when you feel pulled and pushed in every direction but straight and at times like these it is important to centre yourself and find the internal grounding that we all have inside ourselves. The way to do that is by using self reflection, understanding the situation that presents itself to you, ask yourself ‘how do I feel about this?’ in an honest way, ‘what behaviours am I seeing in myself as a result?’ and ‘what are others projecting on to me?’ when you uncover these layers you start to see the situations for what they are and begin to gain some understanding in order to make a better judgement in the next steps forward, for you are the only person responsible for your own happiness, no one else is.

Mother nature can help us gain some perspective in our lives simply by allowing us the platform to put one foot in front of the other, breathe the fresh air into our lungs and exhale.

In doing so a few times this week I have been able to gain perspective about many things, but have also been blessed with funny moments where I have been the observer of natures creatures running around curiously and surprising me with their presence. This week I have had the privilege of Loki bringing a herd of Fallow deer to my attention, mystical creatures that can suddenly surprise you with their majestic beauty and then disappear just as quickly. That moment reminded me of the author Cheryl Strayed speaking of her mother telling her ‘There is a sunrise and a sunset every day and you can choose to be there for it. You can put yourself in the way of beauty’. 

I have also had a little giggle at several bunnies hopping around with their white rear ends in the fields on our walks, reminding me that Spring is almost here, evidence is to be seen all around…



The paint job on the truck is now finally coming to an end and I’m quite pleased with the finish on her, credit to Doug who has meticulously hand painted her and is very passionate about what he does, despite having to work indoors with artificial light which is not the norm for him, he works his socks off to get it to a point where he is happy and now I am happy.

I have had a mini panic this week with reminding myself that time is swiftly rolling on by and I have a few things I need to think about in order to help the truck to function well with the site.

The water supply is still a big question mark at the moment and in the mean time I will need to source an extra long hose to be able to keep my 200 litre tank topped up while I find someone willing to take the job of extending the supply on.

trench.pngThe next thing to think about is what will happen with my waste water, I made the decision not to have any black waste water and will only have grey water. There is a waste water tank which can be filled when on the road or on a camp site, however while stationary on site, the water will bypass this tank and simply flow into a small trench filled with gravel which I will dig, providing a ‘soakaway’ for the truck. All products I will use eg. dishwashing soap, shampoo etc will be environmentally friendly and this will be the expectation of any site visitors.

There will be a composting toilet inside which will use the method of separating solids download.jpgfrom liquids, solids will be collected and emptied into a ‘Hot Bin’ outside when full, this bin allows the breakdown of matter which can safely include ‘humanure’ as well as kitchen scraps, so long as you get the combination right which needs to include dry bulking material such as sawdust which will be used after any solid ‘drop’ in the truck, the hot bin will produce perfectly safe compost in a matter of 90 days as it allows the bin to reach temperatures of up to 60 degrees celsius. The liquids will be diverted into a bottle which needs emptying weekly but that can simply feed the trees and bushes.

Another thing to think about is having a small generator to keep the batteries topped up in emergencies when light levels are low, the batteries need to be maintained and cannot run flat due to them being wet lead acid.

Living semi or totally off-grid is not for everyone and takes a lot of work, but I like the idea of being more connected to what I eat, my energy consumption and my production of waste as it forces me to live in a less wasteful and consumerist way which is in turn less damaging to the environment, it’s not perfect but it’s a start.

There is lots more happening in the background which I will save for another post but tomorrow my HGV training begins and in 3 days, providing I don’t massively make a mess of my exam, I will be qualified to drive the 7.5 tonnes worth of Ruby-Rose home.

Wish me luck!

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