When Life Gives You Lemons

In light of this week’s windy and rainy weather, it has got me thinking about the topic of resilience and overcoming adversity.

There is something to be said about how nature does this so beautifully, over and over and over again and I believe nature can teach us resilience, particularly during the harshest of times, forcing you to overcome challenge, this can also be said of life.

Running the Earthkeepers programme will be important even in the wettest of weathers, teaching our young people to continue and plod on, enjoying the differences in weather and understanding how to prepare ourselves for it, just like life.


So me and Loki decided to go on a very wet, windy and muddy walk despite being blown all about the place and dodging branches flung at us like a game of dodegball with mother nature being the instigator and having a giggle, V is for Victory that we went and did it anyway and felt refreshed afterwards, ready for our interview with Tiny Living magazine, which went really well and I’m excited to see the article published in the May edition (Stay tuned).



Metaphors for life can be seen everywhere you look in the natural world, one of my favourites is understanding the ebb and flow of a stream or river, observing the water pushing through whatever obstacle it has in front of it, only changing direction and adapting, but never stopping, carving it’s way through the land and increasing and decreasing in speed as it goes.


Speaking of which there have been a couple of obstacles needing to be overcome with the build. One being problem solving the error that was made with welding the battery cradles to drop through the floor, they were welded a few inches too short which means the batteries are now sticking up through the floor and into the main living space, bad news as these batteries release dangerous explosive gases which need to be safely ventilated out. Tony is currently working on a solution using fibre glass, but the moral of the story is, when you have more than one builder involved, it is you as the project manager’s responsibility to oversee communication between them and ensure it is maintained, despite appearances that all is well.

On the plus side, my french wood burner was successfully delivered to me, although heavier than I was expecting (definitely cannot be lifted by one person), it is currently residing in my wagon temporarily until I make another trip down to the workshop and it’s looking lovely ready to be fired up.

Matt has taken a much needed break this week from the build and painting is continuing to progress with hopefully only one days worth of work needed, the build will restart next week with then only 3 weeks left until completion. Due to budget constraints the decision was made not to make a fold down deck but build that in situ on site, which actually makes more sense and reduces the weight of the truck while on the road.

Ongoing visits have been made to the site, finalising the plan of getting the truck in place and planning the route in, as well as initial discussions around extending the water supply from one side of the site to the area where Earthkeepers will be, all very exciting plans and these next few weeks will speed on by.



Next week is the HGV training and practical test so wish me luck Earthkeepers!

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