A Week of Alternative Living

My week was spent in Cornwall originally with the main intention of seeing Ruby-Rose in all her glory and making some further decisions on internal fixtures as well as a couple of issues needing to be solved.

However me and Lokis time in several parts of Cornwall led us to spending some time with various good people in their own weird and wonderful homes which opened my eyes to the potential of alternative living and has swayed me to think that I may not want to go back to a conventional set up at all.

Our first stop was spending a couple of nights on a sailing yacht moored in Falmouth Marina called Yemaya which means goddess of the ocean and motherhood and protector of children. This boat brought back memories of sailing with my dad and the adventures we had exploring the coast of Britain.

There were many clever uses of space on this yacht however condensation is a problem due to lack of ventilation when not on the move, this yacht is at her optimum level of functionality when sailing.

The next visit was a barge-like boat that was brought in from the river Thames to Cornwall and turned into a houseboat. The logistics of bringing her in to the perfect spot found for her by the lovely couple planning to live on her was a little bit complicated and led to a few issues along the way. However the couple were adamant they wanted to keep the character of the boat alive and wanting to use the current internal space as it is, their energy and passion for the boat was clearly evident in their appearing unphased by the task of refurbishing ahead, they are clearly happy and I must say what a good spot they have at the end of a boat yard located on a river amongst many like minded people.

We were also kindly hosted by Tony the solar guy and his family one night and had a great time being immersed in his completely off grid set up, surrounded by trees, listening to the calming sounds of the stream flowing past his house and enjoying completely off grid electricity generated by his monster of a solar set up which includes a huge battery bank.

His accommodation is a converted and extended bus which functions really nicely as a living space.

And we spent the night in a truck that he used to use for a solar cinema and solar generator for sound systems to power huge stage sets, it was then converted into an extra living space for guests and was pretty cozey to sleep in alongside the stream.

Towards the end of the trip I also spent some time admiring the work of Vlad who is converting a van into a camper which he plans on living in full time and travelling around in, again lots of clever use of space and upcycling furniture and materials he has cleverly sourced quite cheaply, his build so far is not even £1000. He is also building it with the intention of being able to transport his Kawasaki motorbike in aswell as use the living space so again it is not easy but in his words ‘doable’.

Finally I also had the privilege of meeting Ruby-Rose who is coming along nicely. Progress this week has seen some of the kitchen being put in, kitchen window inserted and welding of the solar panel frame and battery bank. The size of the truck really cant be comprehended until you see her up close and she is a pretty big vehicle but very easy to drive though I haven’t experienced this first hand myself yet.

Matt is also working on a feature back wall which really leads the eye to the back of the truck when you enter and is a nice touch.

We are swiftly running out of weight so the internal cladding will remain ply and I will add funky wallpaper and fabric to her once I’m in to make her look homey but thanks to these two Ruby-Rose has only 4-5 weeks until completion and she can finally come home.


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