It Starts With An Idea

Good evening EarthKeepers, I hope you have all been enjoying the lovely sunshine so far as it transports you into the coming Spring season which is just around the corner.

I have noticed an increase in insect activity such as ladybirds and even a couple of bees and the volume in bird song has also gone up, there is even a smell of Spring in the air, a sign of things to come.

There has been a slight name change to the truck house and she has finally been blessed with Ruby-Rose due to her beautiful colour, funnily enough the french stove is called Faure Ravin Rose Marie so it looks like it was meant to be (thank-you Diana you know why). This week I have passed my HGV theory test and the practical training and exam has been booked for March which will allow me to drive her anywhere the road takes us.

Ruby-Rose has been in the process of being transformed to her final colour of Crimson and Doug has been very hard at work painstakingly repairing and hand-painting the whole cab as well as the front of the box. It is not a simple process with the cab being a mixture of both plastic and metal, needing different undercoats for each material as well as needing sanding down before applying the paint and gloss on top, luckily being a lorry, the cab can be tilted which makes things slightly more manageable, I can’t wait to see her all finished!

Ruby-Rose is definitely an attention seeking truck and there will be plans to take her to some quirky camper festivals which will also be good promotion for the project. She will also be appearing in the ‘Tiny Living UK’ magazine and will likely be featured in the April 2019 edition.

I am very excited to meet Ruby-Rose in the coming week and will be travelling to Cornwall where she is currently being brought to life in the workshop and will be meeting the team of guys working on her as well as finalising the interior plans for the final push to get her finished on time.

The most important bit of news this week is this……


The agreement in principle has been made with the land owner of a very special site who has accepted the offer put forward and I can now share with you that we finally have agreement to launch the EarthKeepers project in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.

The plans to develop the project will begin in April of this year.

The total size of the plot for EarthKeepers specifically will be approximately 5 acres and the reason for choosing this particular site is that it shares the larger space of the whole plot with some very special woodworking artists who have been established there and creating true magic with their woodworking skills for over 20 years. I am privileged to be able to share the space with them as I hope to introduce some of the young people to some new skills that they may be interested in developing with these folks.

51720767_1999208030196493_1839773443382312960_nAnother reason is the sense of community on site, the general feeling of warmth and genuine care will really bring EarthKeepers to life and I look forward to sharing the development of the project with you readers.

It is important to remember that progress always only ever starts with an idea, followed by one foot in front of the other with each step building on from the next. It is very easy to give up on ideas or listen to people that don’t quite see the vision that you have in your head, or even listen to your own doubts, when this happens remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and even when you feel like you’re taking steps backwards, even these are steps to progress within yourself which you don’t even realise, it’s actually the people that fail the most that succeed.

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