The Only Constant is Change

Image may contain: textThere are a few thoughts I have taken from this week and stored in my rusty memory bank to share with you. With the week seeing Valentine’s day bringing out people’s romantic side and offering opportunities to show appreciation for the one that you love, I felt it was all the more important to highlight the value in showing yourself some love.

We tend to associate loving ourselves with arrogance, self-obsession and selfishness and at times can shy away from being complimented and feeling awkward when someone appreciates something that particularly shines within us for that reason. However I do feel that for the most part, it’s ourselves we need the most love from, so why not buy yourselves some flowers? cook yourselves your favourite meal, take a long well deserved bath because you’ve earned it, and above all else don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first because you are the most important thing in your life, without you, you wouldn’t be here.

Loki and I completed one of my favourite walks this year by far due to the beautiful sunrise we were lucky enough to witness one crispy morning. I was surprised at how quickly the sun came up, one minute I was mesmerised by the atmospheric mist of the morning,

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-15 at 07.16.47

just a few moments later the sun began peeping through the horizon and it’s rays began to touch each blade of grass, awakening them from their chilly slumber.


That moment reminded me that even in our darkest of nights, there is always a new dawn. So remember when you’re feeling at your worst, remind yourself that it will never be constant, as the only constant is change, and when you are full of regret, just remember that a new dawn is on its way.

So now that I’ve got some poetry out of the way, let’s talk truck.

This week has been a real nail-biting time with Ruby being weighed and she has officially come in at 6 tonnes and 80kg. This includes some of my furniture, a 100kg human, my cooker, water tanks, some metal framing, some fuel in the tank, a fridge and some ply wood cladding. This leaves 1.5 tonne for the solar set up including batteries, wood burner, decorative cladding, drop down decking, kitchen units and a couple of passengers, yes, it will be tight and I may have to half empty my water tank when on the road as 1 litre = 1kg and I have a 200 litre water tank on board.

But lets all be positive shall we?! here are some progress photo’s, the large circular window has been put in and she’s really growing to be quite the charmer.

Painting has also begun this week by the lovely Doug who has offered to work his hand-painting magic on the cab with the base red oxide coat being applied. Unfortunately he has discovered a small bit of rot in the passenger door which he will need to cut out and repair but aside from that she is looking very good.


Next week the complex solar and 24v electrical set up will be installed, more painting and I will also be completing my theory test for my Category C1 licence so wish me luck everyone!

Have a great EarthKeeping week 🙂

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