Awaken From Your Slumber

Hello from EarthKeepers, I hope you have all had a great week full of inspiration, productivity with a touch of nature to lift you up.

This week has been a very wet and windy time with a few old tree’s being blown over unfortunately. The tiny wagon was shaking from side to side with every gust of wind, I felt like a baby being rocked to sleep at night it was quite relaxing.

There has been some further progress this week with the truck, as you can see from the above picture her exterior cladding has been oiled up for her final layer of protection and you can see this has really brought out the grain and she looks beautiful.

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-08 at 19.33.08The outside tap has now been installed and will be a useful addition for when Loki is particularly muddy, she can be rinsed down before she even enters the truck. It’s also useful for other things such as rinsing muddy boots etc. There will be a small insulated door to close it off and prevent the pipe freezing over in winter time.

The water filler cap where the tank can be refilled has alsoWhatsApp Image 2019-02-08 at 19.44.37 been added and this also has a ball cock valve to allow for a hose to be permanently connected should I wish. Ventilation has also been added to the gas cupboard to ensure safe storage of the tank.

The back doors have been fully installed and now lock. WhatsApp Image 2019-02-08 at 19.33.55These re-purposed patio doors are made of toughened glass so are perfect for a vehicle conversion. The 2 outside service cupboards have also been installed and will house the gas boiler at the top and the 11kg ‘Gas it’ refillable tank at the bottom. This LPG gas tank is very easy to take to your local service station where you can refill it yourself just like you do with diesel or petrol WhatsApp Image 2019-02-08 at 19.35.41and was chosen instead of an under-slung gas tank to save having to drive the truck each time to the service station. WhatsApp Image 2019-02-08 at 19.40.29

Finally the main focus point inside the truck will be the biggest porthole window which will be positioned just above the living room seating area, it has finally been glazed with toughened glass and will WhatsApp Image 2019-02-08 at 19.45.22be a beautiful addition once it has been installed in it’s rightful place next week.

Stay tuned for next week’s progress as the truck will nerve rackingly be taken to the weighing bridge, fingers and toes crossed that it comes in under 7.5 tonnes with lots of weight to spare for the rest of the build. The kitchen installation also begins next week and this is where the interior living space begins to come to life and you will get a real feel for how it will function as a full time living space.

Another thing I love about this build is how many people have come together to help build Ruby from the bottom up and what wonderful people she has been lucky enough to have in sculpting her. So allow me to make formal introductions to the team…


Matt Banks- Touchwood Carpentry – the main man of the hour with his talent for wood working has created many beautiful pieces over the last 20 years, he has a particular interest in re-purposing things and creating interesting pieces including huge stage sets such as for the well known festival Boomtown where he and his team created a full scale pirate ship for performers to work their magic on:




Tony the solar guy has been living off grid for more than 20 years and making these sorts of set ups work is his speciality. He even converted a full double decker bus to live on with a complex electrical set up. Tony also used to run a solar cinema as well as a powerful off grid sound system for concerts. Needless to say Ruby is in good hands when it comes to this guy!


Networking with various people has also led to finding someone who adores hand painting old classic vehicles and Doug, will be painting the cab in her famous maroon colour. I have also sourced someone who would like to swap my single passenger seat with a double bench to allow for 3 people sitting in the front which is ideal for travelling on the road with friends or family.

Sourcing local craftsmen has been essential to this project and has seen Ruby grow into the beautiful home that she is so lets promote more of our local builders!

EarthKeepers is very close to becoming a reality and we are in final talks about a site location with a very good offer being given for a particular site so stay tuned as more will be revealed in the coming weeks….

I am also putting together some plans to begin fundraising for the project, one idea in particular was to walk from Suffolk to Fort William in Scotland with nothing but camping gear and food on our backs (including Loki with her own little back pack)..that’s a 500 mile hike folks and not for the fainthearted, much training will be needed but the hope is to generate enough momentum to launch the project.

That’s it from Ruby and EarthKeepers this week, beautiful Snowdrops have now been seen, an indicator of Springs arrival which means an exciting and busy time outdoors as creatures awaken from their slumbers and busy bee’s begin working again.

Have a great week EarthKeepers xxx

#Earthkeepers #Springishere #Truckconversion #TinyHouse


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