Love Thyself

I had a sudden itch to write today, maybe something to do with the sunshine and wanting to share the feeling it gives me with you, so here is an extra entry this week, I also feel a bit more at peace when I write on a Sunday and by the looks of things, people also prefer to read more on a Sunday to!


I woke up to the most amazing sunrise on Saturday and this morning which brushed a smile across my face and made me want to jump out of bed. Phone troubles forced me to tidy the wagon, scrub the place down, unplug and walk rather then be on the internet which I am guilty of doing a little too much for my liking.

The walk reminded me of how good it feels to find fascination in nature, something which has a key part to play in nature based therapies in both active and passive ways.

Feeling the sun on my face and how it bounced off the rolling hills while defrosting the blades of grass Mr. Frost touched the night before, suddenly took my mind back to picnics in summer and I had an urge to want to lay a little blanket down and set up my own little food feast (the urge passed quickly with a cold rush of wind).

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I also have a fascination with people and as though it couldn’t have been timed any better, on our walk I came across an elderly couple who must have been in their 80’s who were perched on the side of a trailer attached to a pick up truck in the field, they were getting comfy with a thermos of coffee or tea having just walked a long way with their back packs. We had a nice chat about the walk and laughed when I said I felt like Spring was coming, they told me they were worried it was my pick up truck and weren’t sure that they could sit there, I then left them to have their lovely moment together, what more could you ask for.

In the distance I could see the lovely Loki, rolling in fox poo as usual, despite having given her a full bath yesterday morning, but it’s ok, we’re still winning at life…just.

The walk made me think about EarthKeepers, the project as a whole and my truck, there have been many different reactions and responses to the whole idea of living in a vehicle and on reflection I feel that the most important thing is to love yourself, who you are, as you are and what you are doing, this will radiate out from you and the rest will follow in due course.

whatsapp image 2019-01-18 at 19.02.38(1)whatsapp image 2019-01-18 at 19.02.38

Now then, Ruby has now officially begun to look like her name, her back side has been painted red and she now looks like she has been laying in the sun on her front for too long with her rear red and her front white (for now), the crimson colour paint from Craftmaster looks very nice against the burnt wood.

The main doors have now been added which also have toughened glass in them and are re-purposed double patio doors to allow more light in, these will lead onto a pull down decking area once complete.

The first layer of insulation has gone in which is very important in keeping the heat in and this is something the current wagon lacks. Next week the electrics will be going in and we are currently discussing which set up is best to maximise power use, utilise power generated from the alternator when on the road and the solar, as well as being able to plug in at a campsite.

This week the topic of wood burners and how polluting they are to our environment has been raised in the media, with consideration to a total ban in the London area due to pollution levels.

If you are considering buying a wood burner, as like me you enjoy being around them and cooking on it while you heat your living space, it is important to take two things into consideration, one, that you think about purchasing a Defra approved burner which means the burner will produce a clean burn due to the way it is engineered and two, that the wood you put in has a moisture content of less than 20% and you don’t burn coal as burning damp wood or coal creates really bad fumes.

Image result for coffee log fire

I am particularly interested in exploring ecologs as a fuel, one in particular caught my eye which is the Coffee Log. A Coffee Log is a high-performance ‘Eco’ briquette from Bio-Bean. They’re made from recycled coffee grounds of which the UK alone produces 500,000 tonnes of each year. Most of this is disposed of via landfill where it emits methane, a greenhouse gas that is 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Currently they have mixed reviews but are meant to produce a very clean burn at 20% hotter and longer then Kiln dried wood. There are many other ‘Eco’ alternatives to wood and if we want to keep our planet healthy and avoid using fossil fuels for heating or cooking than this is a good alternative.

That is all this week from me and Loki.


Look out for the Super Moon tonight as it will be particularly orange with the earth passing through in between the sun and the moon and will look spectacular.



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