Planting the seed of manifestation

So the winter solstice has arrived upon us, a time to reflect, to accept our trials of the year, to accept what we cannot change, to take a breath and be still, for just a moment, to allow ourselves to hibernate like bears and allow our bodies to heal in order to welcome a new year.

WIN_20181220_21_05_49_Pro.jpgThis year has been a very busy one I must say, juggling many things all at once has been a difficult thing to do at times so I welcome this time to slow down the pace and be in the present moment. I have only just (literally today), been able to do this.

My sweet Loki, much to my sadness for family related practical reasons, has gone on holiday to my old playground Derbyshire to stay with a friend who loves her as much as I do.  However her absence has really made me realise what a powerful attachment I have to her, I couldn’t sleep the first night she wasn’t here, constantly wondering what she was up to, anyone would think I have a human daughter not a canine one! She is reliving the sites of Derbyshire I am told and couldn’t care less whether I was there or not:

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-24 at 16.44.27

However, being truly alone in my little wagon has left me with nothing but my own thoughts and my own company which can be enriching. I had a moment today where I came back from work, stood in the pitch black darkness outside my wagon, and just listened for a moment, after which I quickly realised I wasn’t alone at all. There is so much life around me, something which I don’t appreciate when I’m rushing around, the owls and sheep for a start were all having their own conversations about lifes trivialities.

I also experienced a beautiful moment where, in the early hours of the morning of the solstice, I was woken up by the beaming light of the moon at 4.30am exactly, the moon aligned itself with my wagon window and shone through like it was trying to sabotage the sun while it was sleeping.

The photo doesn’t do it justice but here it is:


On the Ruby front, she is growing to be quite the charmer, Matt has installed the framing for the big porthole window which will be central to the living space and has also collected from me a wardrobe, chest of draws, coffee table, wooden crates and big fridge, all of which he will fit into the truck either as they are or pull apart and re-purpose.

The only disappointing bit of news was that we can no longer install the bedroom above the cab area as the metal work for the frame will be too expensive to fit and not really worth it, also it may push the weight limit over the edge ever so slightly. This could be something I revisit at a later date but just like my good friend Noel Gallagher always says ‘you gotta roll with it’, however I still have tons of space to play with and will still be able to have a double bed and guest double pull out bed within the box space, as well as a kitchen, shower and toilet area. Lots of progress and can’t wait to visit Ruby in January to really get a good feel for her and further iron out the rest of the design.

Something I try and do at the end of every year as it draws to a close is a vision board, and I will be doing this with my group of young people in the new year as an activity to help them focus their goals.

The vision board is not a collage full of new years resolutions, of which I have no faith in (due to repeated failures), but a board of manifestations. Whenever I have done this for myself I have been surprised at how much of it has come true, whether it’s learning to play the piano, or making more efforts to develop friendships, or a new job, I believe that putting it out there in the universe pushes it to listen to you, and if it’s in your interest, it more often then not will give you what you ask for.

So, seeing the new year in, for those that are reading, I urge you to think about what you really want from 2019 for yourself, because you deserve to put your soul first, nourish it and listen to it.

Happy Christmas everyone and enjoy the walk over the bridge to the year of 2019.

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