Moments of Reflection

WIN_20181202_10_47_13_Pro.jpgJust got back from a Sunday morning walk and now have a head full of henna hair dye which I have somehow managed to not make a mess of.

I think I’m doing pretty well with keeping on top of things in this place, I have pretty much cracked my lazy habit of leaving things lying around and now wash up every night (congratulations Andreea). I also realised that I used to over buy when I did my food shops, stocking up my cupboards full of things that I forgot about and made their way slowly but surely to the back of my cupboard, tins of food, pasta etc. I am now (through lack of space) only buying things that I immediately need for the week and came across a really nice farm shop not far from the wagon which stocked most things. There is also a little trolley of goodies outside the village hall that comes out during the week normally full of fresh eggs, kindling and seasonal produce like garlic at the moment.

One thing I have not figured out yet is what to do with my rubbish, although the farmer has kindly offered to deal with it if I add it to his, I don’t think this is fair or responsible so am figuring out a way of visiting a recycling centre, on the way to somewhere so it doesn’t have to mean a special trip, resulting in wasted fuel and time, time of which I don’t have very much of at the moment.

Another issue is Loki and her love of everything muddy and smelly, coming in and out of the wagon creates a wet and unpleasant environment and need to be a little stricter with when she can go outside and come back in and cleaning her little tootsies before she does, overall not a big issue.

I now also bring my torch with me as walking around on country lanes in the dark is not the most sensible thing to do, ending up as road kill is really not how I want to go.

On a side note, I had a nice conversation with the lady at the fish counter who let me put my salmon fillets in my own container so I don’t use any plastic packaging, she was excited to tell me that she knew people would be asking more and more so checked with her manager the week before about what can be done and it was agreed they’d just put the price sticker on the container to be scanned. Something that seems small, actually is a reflection of people’s attitudes to our environment changing, hopefully permanently.

Thank-you David Attenborough for being the instigator for this change following the Blue Planet series, you are a legend.

Now then, since this change in my own attitude to the environment and the way I live and work, it has been surprising (or maybe not) that I have seen some resistance from those closest to me. I guess to some people, living this way seems alien and not the norm so can understand how this may appear a little ‘out there’. However this resistance has lead me to feel a little alone at times and have had to do some soul searching this week in particular.

I will share with you that I’m reading a very interesting book called ‘Big Magic’ by Image result for big magic elizabeth gilbertElizabeth Gilbert, the author that wrote the well known book ‘Eat Pray Love’, which has really been the cultivator of my courage this week. Elizabeth talks about letting inspiration find you and making sure you nurture that inspiration or idea to grow and blossom. She talks about not listening to the voice of doubt in your head, the voice of fear that tells you you can’t do something, you’re not clever enough, wise enough, old enough, young enough or skilled enough. She talks about just doing something because you love it, not because you want to be recognised for it, or be the best at something or be rich from it. Just do it, and the rest (if you want it) will come.

Above all, she says: Take Risks: if you win you will be happy, if you lose you will be wise. So, I will try my best to do just that, and drown everything else out. On that note,  I have some news about the EarthKeepers project, which may actually see it into fruition, I will keep you posted once the news is ready to be shared, watch this space.

Finally, I can now officially say that I am the owner of a Leyland DAF truck I will call home. Oh my goodness who would have thought last year I would join the army of tanned forearm truckers, not me. Here she blows in all her glory:

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-01 at 11.56.35.jpeg

This is a 7.5 tonne lorry with a 22ft box. The plan is to extend the space over the cab for a nice sized bedroom. It will also be cladded in Larch wood externally, lots of porthole windows and a drop down decking area at the back. There will also be a small decking area on the roof for star gazing. The internal space will have a kitchen, shower, toilet, wood-burning additional cooker, dining area and guest double pull out bed as well as washing machine. All wrapped up in a nice little bow, ready to travel wherever the adventure takes her, she will hopefully be sited on the project site for me and Loki to live in full time. If I have cash I may spray her a maroon red and call her Ruby, otherwise I am open to suggestions if keeping her white.

I won’t go too much into the details at this stage but the build will begin in 8 days time, will keep you all posted!

Finally a massive thank-you to all those that have sent me messages of support and positive comments, it really means a lot to me and have been overwhelmed with the well wishers and if anyone wants to have a separate chat about anything they might be interested to know more about, please send me a message.

Happy Sunday 🙂

#Truckconversion #Bigmagic #DavidAttenborough

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