A Week of Wee Wagon

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-22 at 21.16.27So a week into living in this place, Loki has settled with her dog walker routine and made best friends with a rather large pack of dogs, her favourite a Great Dane, and a lovely past time she has ample time to enjoy…rolling in fox poo, of which there is much of down in farm land. Lovely.

A few things I now have to do differently which is not easy as I am not the most organised person.

Washing dishes every night without fail (this is probably normal for most people), dishes build up quickly in small spaces and you run out of dishes to eat with. Putting things away immediately after being used, including clothes and fresh laundry- no I will not do them later. Taking rubbish to the village recycling bins in town due to not really being part of the rubbish collection route being a holiday let. Walking from my car to the wagon in pitch black, collecting things from the freezer which is in a separate barn, in the dark. Making the ‘doing laundry’ thing a process…equipment is located in another wagon in the farm yard, patience Andreea. Getting used to silence…and not freaking out when there is a bird on the roof stomping around. I’m sure these are all things that full time off- gridders/ van lifers, tiny livers laugh at. I also can’t claim to be off-grid, I do have electricity and water and am plugged into the main farm house, but hey I enjoy a good fire going.

I am surrounded by so much land and so many public footpaths, there are endless opportunities to explore and began my first walk with Loki on Sunday at the back of an old church, not far from an ancient Roman archaeological site of which I haven’t found yet, my path led me through woodland, fields and over streams. I ended up at the back of a huge mansion, trespassing on someones property when I realised that suddenly the grass became well manicured, after admiring the giant Greek-like pillars, sky high windows and hedges that looked like they were artistically cut by Edward Scissor-Hands, I quickly went back to my humble wagon, what a relief that I didn’t have an entire mansion to clean!  added bonus, takes all of 5 minutes.




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