Tiny New Beginnings

While the truck is being turned into my new home, I decided to start (in Andreea’s usual haphazard, I want it now way) in a converted showman’s wagon which a very kind farmer in Essex is letting me have for a few months in return for rent.

The logistics of moving half of my ‘stuff’ into a barn to be picked up by the builder, and squeezing in all of the (what I currently think are) necessary essentials into a small living space.

My first day was a little bit of a shock, I knew the size of it, I had visited twice before I decided to move in, but visiting and creating a free flowing living space, which has to also house a dog (Loki) that looks like she has been crossed with a pony, are two different things.

Despite all of my bangs, swears and Loki looking at me as if to say ‘is this it?!’ moments, nothing quite prepared me for the first morning I woke up to the most beautiful sunrise right outside my bedroom window, the colours came streaming into the wagon like beams of gold.

I opened the wagon door to a huge amount of beautiful outdoor space, all to myself and Loki, and I remembered that this is why I did this, the closeness to nature was incomparable.

I thought I was coming into an area of peace and quiet…boy was I wrong, peace yes, but quiet, no, the amplified songs of the birds alone were something I hadn’t heard before, surrounded by all kinds, all helping themselves to the feeders that the farmer put up. I then saw the horses helping themselves to some greenery in my yard over the gate which even Loki took notice of, but I had a real childlike moment when in the middle of making a coffee, I saw a Montjac deer running past the wagon.

Words cannot describe how serene this place is, and I knew in that moment that I had made the right decision for me and Loki.

#Tinyhouse #ShowmansWagon #Peace

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